Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Green Onions

Growing green onions is fun and very good for your health. When I was growing up and my grandfather show me that onions are a great part of our diet. It has fiber and nutrients that are essential to our natural well being. I remember as a kid my grandfather would make bacon and eggs for breakfast and have sliced tomatoes with green onions. He ate these most every day and he was a very healthy man. But I always got caught up in his enthusiasm to grow his garden. Growing green onions in your garden is not only fun but it is beneficial to your health, and best of all it enhances the flavor of most foods.


  1. I love gardening too! In Australia we have white, brown, red onions, and shallots and spring onions, Oh! and also leeks, could you describe the green onion as I am sure we have them, but maybe call them something else here? Regards Ursula

  2. man you got that right, me and Bess grow them there onions in our garden too