Monday, January 11, 2010

Proper Clothing

When optimizing your survival gear there is nothing more critical than the clothing you choose to wear. Proper clothing is the foundation on which you build the structure of your outdoor gear and survival preparation.

From head to toe, your clothing must be fully functional and able to protect you from all that nature and man, accident and circumstance may throw at you. When you think about it, thats a tall order.

In general we as modern humans tend to take clothing lightly. We throw on anything that is fashionable and handy. Then we head out the door into our dry and warm vehicles to spend the day in a warm and dry office. We hunt our food in supermarkets warmed or cooled for our comfort and travel enclosed in artificial environments of car, bus, plane or train. Only for brief minutes are we exposed to the weather as we run from one climate controlled space to the other, our only concession to the weather as feeble as a newspaper over ones head when it is raining or turning our backs against a biting rain.

Many people do not have the knowledge or experience to choose the right clothing for surviving when artificial climate controlled spaces are nowhere to be found. That is why they die in the wilderness when survival would have been easy for survivors like you and I.

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